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Is it possible?  Can it be that those who would identify themselves as sympathetic to the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement have something in common with those who would are sympathetic to the 'Tea Party'?  What might this mean for a political environment more and more of us are becoming convinced is stacked against ordinary people?

Here is what that might look like, told from the perspective of one who, while sympathizing with the 'Tea Party' movement's concern for the fiscal future of our kids' economy, yet recognizes that the same basic dynamic that has produced debts and deficits has also produced income inequality.

A wide array of political issues are taken up here from a conservative point of view.  But this is a conservatism rooted in the community, not the Wall Street board room or country club lounge.  The hearts and minds of a generation which puts belonging before believing can be reached by conservative ideas - but these ideas must be articulated within a commitment to putting community first, and then interpreting our politics in that light.

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  • Chapter 1 – Ronald Reagan as a Generational Touchstone: Why We Must Stop Talking About Him
  • Chapter 2 – The Core Question We Face: The Most Significant Unit of Society
  • Chapter 3 – Community Conservatism: Earning the Right to Be Heard by the Next Conservative Generation
  • Chapter 4 – Social Conservatives & Moral Thinking: The Things We Cannot Say We Do Not Know
  • Chapter 5 – Fiscal Conservatives: Where the Tea Party Meets the Occupy Movement
  • Chapter 5.1 – Bankers’ Cocaine: The Fundamentals of Money and Inflation
  • Chapter 5.2 – Politicians’ Cocaine: Money, Inflation and Debt
  • Chapter 5.3 – The Case for Cold Turkey: Why the Debt Ceiling Debate is Meaningless
  • Chapter 5.4 – Money that Means Something: Freedom, Justice and the American Way
  • Chapter 6 – Organized Labor & the Other Three Fingers
  • Chapter 7 – Immigration: The Line that Isn’t Moving and the Bureaucracy at the Check Stand
  • Chapter 8 – Judicial Philosophy: The Occasional “Absurdity at Law”
  • Chapter 9 – Civil Liberties & the Digital Age: Who Owns the Data?
  • Chapter 10 – Foreign Policy & Just War: Military Power, Conscience and “Public Sadness”
  • Chapter 11 – The Environment: “Oikophilia” and the Environment as Family Heirloom
  • Chapter 12 – Education: Production, Test Scores & “Thought Leadership”
  • Conclusion – Why Labels Are More Important than Ever

"Community Conservatives and the Future" is my first effort at formally publishing a book.  With developments in digital publishing it is becoming easier for an aspiring author to break into publishing on their own terms.  I hope the reader will find this effort competent, well-written and thought-provoking.

The book is avaiable in electronic form at AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo or iTunes.

I also enjoy public speaking and am interested in speaking opportunities.  Please contact me if your group - large or small - has an event and is looking for a speaker to join you.  I am comfortable with political topics, especially ones about being involved in the community and about our economics, as well as Bible-based topics as might interest church groups.
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