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And God Remembered – Part 2: Genesis 8:1-19

Saturday, May 16, 2015

They say a drug addict has to be allowed to hit rock bottom before they can decide for themselves to live differently.  For the heart wracked by tragedy a similar danger lurks.  Once grief becomes anger, we can become addicted to it.  It begins to define our existence and then begins to morph into something much, much worse.  It starts very specifically; we are angry at God because he allowed something terrible to happen to us.  But at some point we lose the sense that we are angry at someone specific; we are just angry – eventually at everyone.  We also lose the sense of why.  We used to be able to point to why we are angry.  Now – well – we’re just angry.

This is how I understand bitterness.  Anger is always directed toward someone for some reason.  When anger loses its particular target and reason it becomes bitterness.  This, then, infects every relationship we have and everything we do and in a way we cannot see any more than a drug addict can come to terms with his addiction without help.  Marriages crumble under the weight of this bitterness.  Friendships that seemed destined to last a lifetime become forgotten as our bitterness exhausts the patience of our friends.

But it never exhausts the patience of God.  He remembers us.  He remembers his intentions toward us.  He remembers that he has accredited his plan to redeem the heavens and the earth to people like us – not to superheroes, royalty or other men of renown.  Even if in our anger we have turned away from him, he has not turned away from us.  He is not like the impotent gods of the Epic; he does not shrink at the violence of our anger nor at the vilest of our profanities. He remembers his good intentions toward us.

Here the earth itself has hit rock bottom...

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