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Stalkers and a Secret Admirer: Genesis 2:4-24

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Click here for Genesis 2:4-24.

It is reported that 20 percent of college aged women are stalked. What starts out as friendly social contact transforms into an obsession for one, and a life of fear for the other.  I certainly do not intend that this trauma be minimized by using it as an example.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  The deep, scarring fear of being stalked is something the people of the Ancient Near East knew well.  Only it was much, much worse for them.

They were being stalked by the gods.

They lived in fear, wondering if something they would do might offend this god or that god.  They often reasoned that a storm which blew over their corn stalks was sent by an offended deity.  So they ran from sacrifice to sacrifice, hoping to appease just the right god at just the right time.

And so ANE religious literature is populated with superheroes who have both human and god-like attributes.  The study of ANE literature and modern superhero comic books (as a form of literature, believe it or not), for example, is fascinating in its parallels.  The same sense of dread among the people of Gotham in the face of the capricious designs of the Joker can be found among the people of the ANE. And they had their ‘Batman’ too.

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